Charlotte Comicon 2012

Today, I headed out to the Marriott Executive Park to Charlotte Comicon to try and network a bit while I educate myself further on the Convention scene as well as get some good deals!
Joker and Kingpin. And no, they didn’t have to tell me either.

It was pretty much a small affair, only filling up one ballroom in the Marriott, though it was still just as lively and crowded as you’d expect the San Diego Con to be. Every vendor from Southern Virginia to northern South Carolina showed up. Even the guys of Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find from the annual Heroes Convention were there. See you in July, guys!
Jessica Rabbit. Maybe she’ll be there. ^_^

This was predominantly a superhero/scifi (as the cosplayers suggest) but I knew there would be a few nuggets of my usual niche within.

And I did! Got the first 3 volumes of the Dark Horse publication of Astro Boy. Also met a fellow Charlotte resident John Hartness vending his own gun-toting-vampire-slayer novel, The Black Knight Chronicles.

Plus when I arrived, little did I know that the survey I filled qualified me a raffle for a prize!

So far I exchanged 3 business cards and three zines, so I think I did a pretty good job for my first time convention networking.


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