Charlie Hebdo: What Responsibility do Cartoonists have?

My thoughts, like the Charlie Hebdo story, are still developing, I feel that I have not elaborated enough. Allow me to clarify.

Upon giving the ISIS cartoon a second look, I couldnt help but notice a few details about it that bugged me. In my opinion, there was little creativity behind making the cartoon: the ISIS leader just stands there and says something. When I think of satire, I look to symbols and uses of visual metaphors. None were used in the Charlie Hebdo cartoon in question. I began to wonder how blatantly the message was interpreted by the shooters.

I’m not saying that the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists deserved to die. Let’s get that out of the way. I do, however, think this tragedy brings out an uncomfortable reality in cartooning.

Lately, alot of the cartoons in I’ve seen in some publications simply appear juvenile or intend to push buttons. No metaphors, just a direct, unsubtle delivery of the message. It’s one thing to attract retaliation from speaking an undirected opinion but it’s another when you do so after creating was the cartooning equivalent of “yo mama” jokes. If you give a stranger the finger, should you be surprised if he punches you in the face?

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