Trucking for Food

It’s food truck time again down in South End Charlotte. Two days of the finest dishes all within walking distance (well, for me). Even two cupcake Vendors (Cupcake Delirium and The Cupcake Queen) and Ice Cream Trucks.  Couples, friends and families gathered to get a taste of unique delicacies like rib burritos and gourmet grilled cheese while they picnic for a concert by local sponsors.

“What’s so damn special about food trucks?” I can sense that one reader asking out in the depths of the internet. Well, think about this: a lot of folks are broke, right? And out of anything that gets cut from a weekly budget, it’s the usually the food you can’t pick up to take home, right? Well, of the trucks I’ve patronized, the food is restaurant quality (with a few using locally grown ingredients) that charge an average $8 to $10 for a full meal. Now, if I had to choose between the Qdoba for another chicken burrito, and a food truck where I got to experience something new, I think I’d rather spend my money on the Oaxacan Chicken Tacos, thank you very much.

Complete with that iron skillet smell.

So….where was I? Ah yes….

This kind of event happened only once a month, so naturally I hightailed it down the block to pick a truck I hadn’t experienced before and got in line. A really long line.

I didn’t care, as long as the ends justified the means. As I entertained my line wait, I look around the area and couldn’t help but there was one food “truck” whose absence I couldn’t help but notice  —The Chrome Toaster. 

A frequent staple of South Boulevard and East Bland Street, the chrome-painted school bus was sorely missed but had a good reason for it.  Not long ago, their bus caught fire, resulting in irreparable damage. In the last couple months however, The Chrome Toaster launched a Kickstarter campaign to purchase a new school bus for their business. As of this week (6/22/2013 ) I received my obligatory Kickstarter notice that Chrome Toaster had reached their goal. I can’t wait to see the Silver bus back in South End, and a rib burrito back in my hands.